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Message from the Superintendent

Message from the Superintendent

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Dear Harrisburg High School Parents,

Last night our High School Wrestling Team competed in a match against Trinity High School. We are aware that during the match, when our female players were about to wrestle, fans on the Trinity side booed our players. There have been several reports that they were also called derogatory names. Clearly, this is entirely unacceptable.

We have spoken with the entire wrestling team and commended them for their strength of character and good sportsmanship. It is never acceptable for an adult to call a child names or to speak derogatorily of them in any manner. We have also spoken with the Trinity High School leadership to discuss our concerns.

Trinity chose to forfeit the matches against our female players, citing a rule requiring them to do so. However, this match was a PIAA match, and there is no such rule under PIAA league rules.

More than 90 schools across Pennsylvania have sanctioned girls wrestling. We are proud of all of our athletes and commend these students for their hard work both in athletics and academics.

Thank you for your support for our students.



Eric Turman