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Keystone Exams

The Pennsylvania Keystone Exams are mandated by the State and Federal Governments as an end of course exam for Algebra I, 10th Grade Literature, and Biology. Harrisburg School District is committed to following the Pennsylvania state standards for testing.  All students that are currently taking the course (Algebra I, Biology, or 10th grade literature) or took the course in the first semester this year, are required to take the Spring Keystones. There is no need to register as these are required end of course exams. These assessments will be given in person in the student’s high school campus.

Since Keystone assessments were cancelled last year, the district is required to provide students with the opportunity to make up the exam from last year. Students who took the Keystones previously, but did not receive a  score of proficient or advanced, are also encouraged to retake the Keystone.  

Students who are making up the exam or retaking the exam are required to register on this form:

Click-REGISTER by April 30, 2021.

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