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Melrose Staffing Update

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Dear Melrose Elementary Parents,

As you are aware, we have struggled to find enough full-time teachers for all of our fourth and fifth grade classrooms this year. The nationwide teacher shortage has impacted Harrisburg.

I’m pleased to announce that beginning January 3rd, 2023, some of our educational staff members have volunteered to step in as classroom teachers to fill some vacancies.

  • Eric Solomon, currently a Math Interventionist who provides additional math support to students in the school, will take on a 5th grade classroom.

  • Caroline Combermale, currently a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) teacher, will take on a 5th grade classroom. STEM will temporarily be dropped from the rotation of our specials (music, art, PE, and library will still be held.)

  • Tracy Williams, currently a 3rd grade teacher, will move to a 5th grade classroom.

  • Darcie Zeager, currently a 1st grade teacher, will take on Ms. Williams’ 3rd Grade Class. The

    students in Ms. Zeager’s 1st grade classroom will be divided among the other 1st grade classrooms in the school, which all have space for more students. Even with the addition of these students, 1st grade class sizes will only be about 26 students.

  • Kimberly Peck, currently a 2nd grade teacher, will take on Miss Workman’s 3rd Grade Class. Miss Workman is a retired Harrisburg teacher who had been filling in until a new teacher was found.

    If your child is in one of the classrooms that is impacted by these changes, you will be receiving additional communication from us, and from your child’s new teachers.

Also, Living Well Institute will continue working with students for the last part of every school day, focusing on social and emotional learning (communication skills, helping students manage their emotions, and helping them become more self- aware.) The skills they will be focusing on are important for their success as they move through higher grades and into life after school.

Thank you for your patience as we have worked through this staffing challenge. We are very pleased you have chosen the Harrisburg School District for your child and we look forward to working with your child during the second half of the school year.


Eric Turman, Superintendent Harrisburg School District