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Message from the Superintendent

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Dear Parents,

Two students reported to us that at approximately 8:50 a.m. near 15th and Sycamore streets an older, white man in a black mask and black sweater offered them a ride in his van. Students said the van was white, in poor condition, and had no writing on it and no license plate.

The students continued onto school and arrived safely. Harrisburg police came to Foose Elementary to get a statement from the students, and will be on alert for a man and van matching the description.

Mr. Wendell Morris, The Director of Security for The Harrisburg School District, will be on-site at dismissal to ensure the safety of all students.

Please discuss with your children that they should never accept a ride from a stranger. We will be sure to share this message with them, as well.

Thank you,

Eric Turman, Superintendent

Harrisburg School District