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    Mission Vision Values

    “Empowering Academic Achievers and Lifelong Learners”

    The Harrisburg School District is committed to providing a rigorous and relevant education to ALL students in a learning environment that fosters high expectations and data driven and standards aligned instruction provided by committed, highly qualified teachers. We endeavor to provide a culturally responsive, safe, and positive school environment to enhance, empower, and promote the value of lifelong learning for our students. Families and the Harrisburg community are active partners in the educational process


    In pursuit of educational excellence, our District aims to empower ALL students to become high academic achievers and lifelong learners who understand the need for a rigorous and diversified education and who are motivated and prepared to compete and succeed beyond high school graduation in 21st Century global markets.

    Core Values

    Shared Values & Core Beliefs
    The Harrisburg School District believes in the inherent value of each individual student and is committed to a set of core beliefs that guide our work. These beliefs frame our goals, program development, and support systems -- and focus on instruction, curriculum, and assessment to ensure that ALL students achieve at high levels and strive to reach their potential. Specifically, we believe:

    Expectations Matter
    Maintaining high expectations leads to higher levels of student achievement. Teachers maintain high expectations for all students through continual encouragement, specific and timely feedback, tenacity in providing targeted support, and through communicating that all students have the capacity to meet rigorous standards.

    Effort Matters
    Increasing effort leads to higher levels of student achievement. Students in the Harrisburg School District succeed at high levels through their own efforts and the collective efforts of their parents, educators, and the community. It is through students’ own hard work and dedication to the pursuit of excellence that they will succeed.

    Instruction Matters
    Effective instruction leads to higher levels of student achievement. Teachers refine their teaching skills through ongoing study and action research, observation of instruction, and collaboration with colleagues. Teachers are actively engaged and committed to applying proven instructional strategies to reach every student.

    Relationships Matter
    Developing caring and supportive relationships between and among educators, students, and parents leads to higher levels of student achievement. All staff members create and maintain an environment that promotes respect, trust, and understanding, and fosters communication and problem-solving.

    Results Matter
    Sharing and using results to inform our decisions about instruction, resources, curriculum, and program development leads to higher levels of student achievement. Administrators, teachers, and students measure progress toward meeting and exceeding defined standards and goals. Through the ongoing and collaborative analysis of student work and data, we hold students and each other accountable for continuous improvement.