Melrose Elementary School


  • Dear Parents and Guardians:

    Greetings from the Principal’s desk.  I am Mr. Matthew E. Shore, the newly appointed Principal at Melrose Elementary School. I also have the privilege of introducing Mrs. Christine Estright as your new Assistant Principal. Mrs. Estright has worked in the Harrisburg School District for over 26 years! 

    The time has arrived to start making preparations for what is going to be a very productive 2023/2024 school year! Changes this coming school year include the district-wide utilization of Positive Behaviors Interventions and Support (PBIS), Station Rotation, and Culturally Relevant Instruction!  As we look forward to the return of all Melrose students, we want to commit to a positive school climate that is welcoming and safe for our students.

    The Harrisburg School District has also updated the dress code for the new school year. An attachment below, is linked to descriptions of what is appropriate for school. You can also find updates on our website.  All students are required to follow the new guidelines.

    As the summer winds down and you continue to prepare your students for the upcoming school year, the Principal, Teachers, and Support Staff at Melrose Elementary School have all been working hard to prepare for your children this school year. I cannot express enough the importance of attendance for every child. Please note, school starts at 8:50 AM and runs to 3:50 PM. Doors open for breakfast at 8:35 AM.

    We are looking forward to an exciting and productive school year!

    Please Click our linked name below for a brief introduction about us.



    Mr. Matthew E. Shore, M.Ed.                  Mrs. Christina Estright

    Principal                                                                     Assistant Principal

Meet and Greet with Mr. Shore & Mrs. Estright!

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