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    Connections Healthy Habits Accountability Responsibility Growth Effective Instruction

     The Office of Community Engagement operates as an extension of the Superintendent’s Office. It is the CONNECTION between our families, community, students, staff, and administration.   Our goal: to provide opportunities for individuals to express themselves and ensure that complaints or concerns receive adequate responses in a timely manner. Translation and interpreter services are available upon request. If you are in need of this service, please inform the contact person at each level of the complaint process. 

    If you have concerns in the following areas:  Registration, Parent Complaint (s), Food Service, Schools/Transportation, Suspensions/Expulsions, District Administration,
    Safety Issues, Academic Questions and/or Concerns.

    Process for Complaints:
    If you have a problem or concern please contact the Principal/Assistant Principal assigned to your child/children’s school.

    1. Complaint of Classroom Nature Protocol:

    1st   Contact the teacher

    2nd   Principal

    3rd   School Improvement Officer, (Elementary/Secondary-Ms. Jaimie)

    4th   No resolution formal complaint filed at District Administration Building

    2. Complaint of School Nature Protocol:

    1st   Principal

    2nd School Improvement Officer, (Elementary/Secondary-Ms. Jaimie Foster)

    3rd  No resolution formal complaint filed at District Administration Building

    3.  Complaint about a Principal Protocol:

    1st  Address to School Improvement Officer

    2nd  No resolution; complete a complaint form at District Administration Building

    4.  Complaint about an Employee:

    Make direct contact with Office of Human Resources

    5.  Process for Unresolved Issues and/or complaints

    1st Complete Complaint Form - Forms are available at all schools and district office:

    (1601 State Street, Harrisburg, PA 17103)

    2nd  Your concern will be investigated by the Community Engagement Liaison

    3rd The appropriate administrator will be contacted to provide an opportunity for the administration to conduct the necessary resolution to the concern

    • If the Problem is Not Resolved, the Complaint forwarded to Assistant to Superintendent (Elementary or Secondary)

    If the complaint/issue is, still not resolved, by the Assistant to the Superintendent, the complaint reviewed by the superintendent

    If the complaint or concern is regarding a district policy or procedure, the concern addressed to the Board of School Directors.

    *Complainants are encouraged to keep accurate documentation and a timeline of events.

     ** Translation and Interpretation services protocol:
    Use of Language Line – follow HBGSD District Policy