• McKinney-Vento Homeless/ Displaced Students

    The main purpose of the Pennsylvania Homeless Children’s Initiative is to make sure homeless youth have access to appropriate education while removing barriers that homeless children face.  Its goal is to keep homeless children in school.

    What is the Definition of a Homeless/Displaced Child?

    A child is considered homeless/displaced if he or she is:

    • Living (with or without parents) in a public or private place not designated as a regular sleeping accommodation, such as a vehicle, park, hotel, motel, street, campground, etc.
    • Living (with or without parents) in a homeless or domestic violence shelter
    • Living (with or without parents) with relatives or friends due to lack of housing (doubled up)
    • A runaway or a child or youth who has been forced out of the home by parents or other caretakers, or has no formal custody papers while parents/guardians are in jail or hospital (unaccompanied youth)
    • A child of a migrant family who lacks adequate housing
    • A school-aged unwed mother or expectant mother living in houses for unwed mothers when she has no other accommodations.

    If you feel your family may fall into this category or you would like additional information, please contact our school counselor, social worker or the HSD McKinney-Vento Homeless Liaison

    Saundra James-Goodrum
    Office: 717-703-4106
    Cell:    717-554-5209
    Email: sjames-goodrum@hbgsd.us