• Cap and Diploma  

    The purpose of this booklet is to provide guidelines for the senior class and parents as well as to inform of general expectations regarding senior activities.
    The booklet may not be conclusive of the entire role of a senior class member or
    parent; however, it does cover many of the major events. It is meant to help to
    insure a well-organized and effective senior year!

    Each senior, their parent, class administrator and advisor is expected to read the handbook in its entirety. Class advisors must review the procedures for meetings, scheduling activities, and fundraising.

    The various forms used for scheduling activities and requesting permission for
    fundraisers are also included.

    This handbook should be informative to the seniors and their parents regarding their responsibilities from the beginning of their senior year through the remainder of their high school experience. It will hopefully help to make this transition a wonderful experience.

    It is the intent of the Harrisburg School District-Harrisburg High School (John Harris and Sci-Tech Campuses) to make available enriching educational, social and travel opportunities for our students that will broaden their total educational experience.

    We Believe In YOU CLASS OF 2018, Keep your RRAP Together and have an AWESOME YEAR!

    Ms. Jenkins 717-703-4301
    Mrs. Achampong 717-703-1901

    Senior Class Advisors
    Mr. Elo 717-703-1900