• Beth Whitebread - bwhitebread@hbgsd.us

    Ms. Whitebread





    Ms. Whitebread graduated from Shippensburg University and Clarion University.  The library's atmosphere is calm with a buzz of excitement. The opportunities she offers is that students can choose anything they want to read with no judgement!  Her passions outside of teaching includes reading, collecting vintage kitchen items, and craft projects.  She wants her students to know that she loves being the librarian at Ben Franklin!  


    Christine Robbins - crobbins@hbgsd.us

    Ms. Robbins






    Ms. Robbins graduated from Indiana University of Pennsylvania.  She describes her classroom atmosphere as fun with high expectations and perseverance!  She teaches string instruments, so she provide opportunities for students to make music alone and with others and make new friends as we explore variety in music, language and culture. Students learn determination and perseverance, developing skills to use talents, how to work independently and as a team. Playing string instruments also give students opportunities to develop executive function of the brain as well as expanding and applying their skills in math, language arts, science, social studies/history and social-emotional learning. All disguised as learning the basic skills of playing a string instrument! Students in 4th grade students can sign up for instruction for violin, viola, cello or guitar.  Her passions outside of school includes music, nature, science, and family.  Ms. Robbins believes students learning how to be successful at life in her classroom is more important than how perfectly they play their music.


     Kyla Davis - kdavis@hbgsd.us

    Ms. Davis







    Ms. Davis graduated from North Carolina Central University.  The energy in the music classroom is exciting, loving and creative.  Ben Franklin students are offered many musical opportunities! Ben Franklin 4th grade students had opportunities to meet several music industry musicians including platinum selling producers and DJ's through this year's Music Careers Month. The Ben Franklin Bulldog Choir has also performed at many events throughout the city and we look forward to returning!  Her passions outside of teaching include fitness and church.  She would like people to know that she is grateful to be able to help make the world a better place through teaching the young minds of the future.


     Lawrence Novak - lnovak@hbgsd.us

    Ms. Novak




    Mr. Novak graduated from Indiana University of Pennsylvania, Millersville University, and Community College of Alleghany County.  He describes the atmosphere of his classroom as being energetic and genuine.  The opportunities he offers his students is to become more physically fit, gain nutritional knowledge and learn how to develop positive characteristics.  His passions outside of teaching includes exercising and watching sports.  Mr. Lawrence has two wonderful children of his own.