• Heather Matlock - hmatlock@hbgsd.us

    Ms. Matlock





    Ms. Matlock graduated from Elizabethtown College and the University of Massachusetts.  Ms. Matlock's job is to provide training and technical assistance on specialized interventions for children with autism.  By doing this, the Harrisburg School District is able to offer high-quality services and ensure that all students are given the opportunity to learn.  She is passionate about improving the community of Harrisburg.  Ms. Matlock and her husband purchase run-down properties in the city and remodel them to make them more safe and energy efficient.  She has been working at Ben Franklin for 14 years and plans on working here until I retire.  She absolutely loves what she does and where she does it.  


     Olivia Saul - osaul@hbgsd.us

    Ms. Saul






    Ms. Saul graduated from Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania.  She describes the atmosphere of her room as Family.  Everyone is welcome in room 214!  Opportunities offered in her room includes inclusion, independence, and lots of social-emotional learning!  Outside of teaching she enjoys advocacy work, hiking, painting, and concerts!  The subject she struggled with the most as a student is actually the subject she loves teaching the most! I think its fun for my students to know that teachers aren't all-knowing, we had to use grit and work through our struggles to be able to be here helping them with theirs!


     Cheryl Sweigart - csweigart@hbgsd.us

    Ms. Sweigart



    Ms. Sweigart graduated from Nicholl's State University and Eastern University.  She describes her atmosphere of her student's classroom as safe and welcoming environment for all students to learn and grow.  She offers specially designed curriculum to enhance learning using errorless teaching techniques and applied behavior analysis techniques.  Her passions outside of teaching includes sailing, learning about new things, and having new adventures.  She wants every to know that she loves teaching.


    Megan Williams - mwilliams@hbgsd.us

    Ms. Williams






    Ms. Williams graduated from Bloomsburg University and Grand Canyon University.  She describes her classroom as a caring place where she celebrates every success.  The opportunities she offers is a safe caring learning environment, where everyone can learn the skills they need with whatever supports they need.  Her passions outside of teaching includes reading, playing with my puppy, spending time with friends and family.  Her goal each year is to foster the love of learning in her students that her teachers helped foster in her.  


     James Harris - jharris@hbgsd.us

    Mr. Harris 




    Mr. Harris graduated from Shippensburg University.  His classroom is accepting and energetic.  He offers students the support needed to be successful in the regular education classroom through small group hands on instruction.  His passions outside of teaching includes hiking, biking, and snowboarding.  Traveling is also a passion of his.  


     Kim Burnett - kburnett@hbgsd.us

    Ms. Burnett






    Ms. Burnett graduated from Eastern University and Western Governor's University.  She describes her classroom as small group, Itinerant Learning Support - most of the time the students are engaged and working.  She offers the opportunity for her students to be their best selves, to try their best and see how far they will go and become more productive in their learning.  Her passion is in teaching.  Although she loves children and loves talking to them and teaching, outside of school, she is a quiet and reserved person. She loves anything motivational and uplifting, beaches, music and sometimes reading or listening to a good book.


    Lauren Klevis - lklevis@hbgsd.us

    Ms. Klevis









    Ms. Klevis graduated from Kutztown University.  Our classroom has a positive classroom atmosphere where students focus on learning and social skills of daily living. Every student feels safe and important in the classroom.  In their classroom, she provides opportunities to differentiate and meet every students ability and academic levels. Students are offered a variety of choices and students learn in various ways. This year as a class, she provided all her students with technological ways to enhance their learning, no matter their academic level.  Her passions outside teaching includes spending time with her family, helping others in the community, traveling, and crafting.  The 2021/2022 school year will be her 8th year of teaching in the Harrisburg School District.


    Vicki Daniels - vdaniels@hbgsd.us

    Ms. Daniels





    Ms. Daniels graduated from HACC, Millersville University, and Cabrini College.  Her class is a friendly class. We treat each other as family; with trust and respect. We work together to help each other to be successful.  Students are given the opportunity to learn and gain an understanding of the basic concepts of democracy and be prepared for citizenship in their community.  Outside of teaching she is an active member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, whose purpose is to provide assistance and support through established programs in the community. She also enjoys gardening and cooking.  She was the 2018 Teacher of the year for Harrisburg School District. She has been teaching for 35 years. She is a soldier for her students; making sure they always have the supports that they need.