• Lauren Harris - laharris@hbgsd.us


    Ms. Harris




    Ms. Harris attended West Chester University.  She describes the atmosphere/energy of her classroom as being very calm, warm, and welcoming.  The opportunities Ms. Harris offers to her student is a focus on the social-emotional growth as well as their academic success.  Outside of school, her passion is learning new things and spending time with family.  Ms. Harris loves learning just as much as she loves teaching.  She believes that education can lead you to great things.


    Kimberly Clay - kclay@hbgsd.us


    Ms. Clay





    Ms. Clay graduated from Alvernia University, Shippensburg University, and Concordia University.  She describes her classroom as being warm and welcoming.  She offers and environment where all students can grow academically as well as socially and emotionally.  Her passion outside of teaching is spending time with her family.  Being a teacher is her second career.  


    Christian Conaway - cconaway@hbgsd.us








    Mr. Conaway graduated from West Chester University and LaSalle University.  He describes his classroom as a safe place for students to grow and to become life long learners.  Students in his class get to partake in many fun and engaging STEM activities through use of the STEM Lab. Experiments, 3d printing, video game coding and more educational activities are provided in his classroom.  His passions outsides of teaching includes Reading, gardening, and D&D.  Mr. Conaway has high expectations for his students and for himself.


    Rashaud Macon - rmacon@hbgsd.us


    Mr. Macon






    Mr. Macon graduated from Waynesburg College, Drexel University, and HACC.  He describes the atmosphere and energy of his classroom as "ALIVE."  The opportunity to feel safe in being themselves and to feel successes is what he offers his students.  Sports are my passion. Coaching high school basketball and playing golf.  I've worked many different jobs (even a stint as Chuck E Cheese) until I found what I love to do. TEACH.


    Heather Pierpoint - hpierpoint@hbgsd.us


    Ms. Pierpoint





    Ms. Pierpoint graduated from Millersville University.  Her classroom is a warm, welcoming, positive and flexible environment! In this classroom students are encouraged to take risks and make mistakes. Our motto is: "Mistakes are proof that you are trying!" They work collaboratively to help each other grow and work towards our personal and academic goals.  In this classroom, students are offered the opportunity to make choices. This is OUR classroom, and students deserve to feel involved in the decisions made in this room. When our environment is free from the barriers of COVID-19, students have the ability to choose their own flexible seating each day and have the opportunity to work in new spots with new people. Students have the opportunity to be a part of a caring and respectful community of learners.  Outside of teaching she loves to read, do arts and crafts, bake, and spend time with her husband and two cats (Charlie and Lucy!)  She grew up in Pennsylvania, but spent her first many years of teaching in Virginia! She is excited to be back in her home state so that she can continue to grow and learn as a teacher alongside her amazing students!


    Ryan Blade - rblade@hbgsd.us


    Mr. Blade







    Mr. Blade graduated from Millersville University.  His classroom is filled with positive energy! He wants to take his students on an adventure through learning.  He challenges his students to take risks and make mistakes. He believes that school should be a safe space for children to explore and develop who they are as people in addition to growing academically. He provides students opportunities to challenge themselves and become confident in their own abilities.  He loves to hike and backpack! He also is an avid reader.  He is trying to teach himself to play the ukulele.



    Louis Chandler M. Ed. - lchandler@hbgsd.us


     Mr. Chandler







    Mr. Chandler graduated from East Stroudsburg University and Penn State University.  He describes his classroom as high energy fun and active.  All students are given the chance to shine, make mistakes, and grow, in a safe environment.  His passions outside of teaching includes wrestling, his kids, nature, and friends.  He describes himself as easy going and loves a good joke.