• Meagan Shaffer - mshaffer@hbgsd.us


    Ms. Shaffer






    Ms. Shaffer graduated from Penn State University and Wilkes University.  Ms. Shaffer's atmosphere in her classroom is welcoming and respectful.  Students interact in a respectful way with peers. The also enjoy hands on activities and learn together.  Her passions outside of teaching includes her family, kayaking, and hockey.  Ms. Shaffer is the youngest of three girls and they are all teachers.  


     Amanda Martinez - amartinez@hbgsd.us


     Ms. Martinez







    Ms. Martinez graduated from Millersville University.  She describes the atmosphere in her classroom as laid back and welcoming!  Her students work hard in their classroom, and they accept all students and everything that makes them unique!  She offers her students opportunities for authentic learning.  Yes, learning to read, write, add, and subtract is incredibly important, but she wants her students to see WHY! In her classroom, she provides students with hands on projects where students can practice the skills they are learning and apply it to various situations in the real world.  Outside of school, she loves two things- crafting and animals! She loves to design signs, shirts, and other crafts for friends and family. She also has a Newfoundland who loves to learn and please, so she is teaching her agility as well as dock diving!  She is dedicated to the students here at Ben Franklin! It brings her joy to watch your children grow and become better people each and every day. She hopes that, one day, she sees our children grown and in the news for making a positive impact on our community and world!


    Linda Shader - lshader@hbgsd.us


    Ms. Shader




    Ms. Shader graduated from Penn State University and Shippensburg University.  She describes her classroom as being caring, compassionate, and committed.  She allows her students to discover things on their own, because that "a-ha!" moment is what they will remember.  She loves the outdoors. Her favorite pass times are taking her dogs for a walk and going camping.  She is terrified of heights, yet she pushed herself to climb the Eiffel tower.  She didn't want her fear to control her. In class, students learn to, "Stop, name our feeling, and calm down."


    Lesli Young - lyoung@hbgsd.us


    Ms. Young






    In her classroom every child will feels welcomed. She strives to create a loving and nurturing environment. She believes that it is important to make sure all needs are meet before learning can occur. Her students are encourage to try even if they make mistakes. Mistakes are proof that they are learning. In her classroom they are a team and they encourage each other to succeed. They share each others victories and help each other learn.  


    Ashley Allen - aallen@hbgsd.us


    Ms. Allen




    Ms. Allen graduated from Eastern University.  Our classroom is warm and welcoming. It is a cozy, safe learning environment where we meet each day to work together in our learning journey. It is a "home away from home".  She offers her students the opportunity to possess the greatest gift in life, a love of learning. With this, naturally comes a love for oneself, others, and the diverse world around them.  Poetry, painting, being in nature, and motherhood are her passions outside of teaching.  She knows that no two students are the same, and do not learn in the same ways. She dedicates every moment of her work to learning how a child learns, and then taking that knowledge and spilling it into each of their unique educational paths.  She wants each of her students to look back on 3rd grade and know they were loved and supported in every way possible.


    Amy Petrucci - apetrucci@hbgsd.us


    Ms. Petrucci







    Ms. Petrucci graduated from HACC, Drexel University, DeVry University, and Point Park University.  Her room is warm and inviting, she wants everyone to feel safe, comfortable and loved when they enter her classroom. There is always positive energy in the classroom.  She wants everyone to try their best.  She offers students to be creative, she wants them to try things on their own first. She wants the students to use their own thinking skills because everyone does things different and it doesn't mean it is wrong. She loves to be with her family, ride four wheelers and build and fix things around the house.  She is passionate about what she does, she wants her students to succeed in life. She has an open door policy if a student needs to talk she is here for them as well as their parents.


     Melinda Reigle - mreigle@hbgsd.us


    Ms. Reigle








    Ms. Reigle graduated from Lebanon Valley College.  The atmosphere in her classroom is always positive. When students walk in, she wants them to feel safe, happy, and loved.  In the classroom she provides students with a lot of opportunities to collaborate with their peers. She also provides her students with assignments that allow them to be creative and hands-on.  When she is not teaching, you can find her outside or spending time with her family. She enjoys skiing, hiking, and fishing.  She has a 5-year-old German Shepard named Brutus.