• Jill O'neal Gibson - jgibson@hbgsd.us


    Mrs. Gibson





    Mrs. Gibson graduated from Millersville University and Wilkes University.  Her classroom is fun, respectful of each other and a safe learning space.  She offers her students and opportunity for an atmosphere where everyone is welcome to engage in learning with respect for all cultures.  Her passions out side teaching are animals and baking.  Mrs. Gibson has Quadruplets plus 2 other children.  


     Jensen Gibson - jbgibson@hbgsd.us


    Ms. Gibson






     Ms. Jenson Gibson graduated from Lebanon Valley College.  Her classroom atmosphere is a fun, bright, and positive space where students feel safe, respected, welcomed, and supported.  Her kindergarten students are taught responsibility and independence through classroom jobs and foster positive relationships with teachers and with each other, which helps children feel like they belong and that everyone is important. Students work together to help each other, share ideas, and make friends.  Her passion outside of teaching she loves the beach, her family, and hanging out with her friends!  She is a quadruplet!


     Dawn Morder - dmorder@hbgsd.us


    Ms. Morder graduated from Millersville University and Grand Canyon University.  She describes her classroom environment as positive, fun, lively, and a busy room full of learning.  She provides various levels of fun learning activities to meet the needs of the learners in my room.  She loves her animals, the beach, kayaking, reading, hiking and just enjoying nature.  She knew from the age of 5 that she was going to be a teacher. When she was in 9th grade she used to help the Amish teacher down the road correct her students' workbooks after school.


    Stacey Appler - sappler@hbgsd.us


    Ms. Appler








    Ms. Appler graduated from Kutztown University and Wilkes University.  She provides an environment that is safe, comfortable and that maximizes the opportunity for all students to learn. If students are in a place where they feel safe and comfortable, then valuable learning can take place. The atmosphere/energy of the classroom is positive and inviting for all.  Students learn in different ways so there are variety of opportunities for student learning within the classroom such has whole group learning, small group learning, and individual learning. Students will have the opportunity participate in hands-on activities that are very engaging.  Her passions outside of teaching are cooking/baking, reading, animals (mostly dogs), and most importantly her son, Kaiden, who is involved in a variety of sports. We also enjoy camping and hiking.  She has been teaching in the Harrisburg School District for the past 14 years. Her favorite color is purple.


     Lynn Ziegler - lziegler@hbgsd.us


    Ms. Ziegler






    Ms. Ziegler graduated from East Stroudsburg University.  She describes the atmosphere/energy of the her classroom as a community which will strive to work together to achieve our best.  The energy level could range from busy to calm-depending on our activities.  In her classroom, she develops a foundation of learning for educational careers.  When leaving Kindergarten the goal is to have a strong foundation through the experiences we have explored through a prosocial educational philosophy (which includes critical thinking, student-centered, social and emotional skills, perspective taking, and self-management). Ms.Ziegle would love for her students to develop a thirst for learning.



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