• Heather Loy - hloy@hbgsd.us


    Ms. Loy





    Ms. Loy attended Elizabethtown College, Wilkes University, and University of Scranton.  Her classroom atmosphere/energy is a feeling of a family.  Mutual respect is valued highly and students are encouraged to take academic risks.  Mistakes are valued as a way to learn and grow. Her classroom is a comfortable, safe place for everyone to learn and grow...even the teacher.  In her classroom, students understand every one of them can learn.  She meets students where they are academically and challenge them to learn something new each day.  All students are offered whole group and small group instruction which allows them to grow as students and gain the skills needed to be successful.  Outside of teaching, she spends a great deal of time with my family which includes five children ages 24, 24, 21, 20, and 10 and 4 grandchildren all of which are under the age of 2 (another one is due in October). As a family she enjoy visiting zoos, camping, and large family picnics.  She has taught for 20 years in Harrisburg and wouldn't want to be anywhere else.  She loves the students and families here and has truly enjoyed getting to know so many of them over the years.


    Lucas Martire - lmartire@hbgsd.us


    Mr. Martire 





     Mr. Martire graduated from Albright College and Grand Canyon University.  Mr. Martire describes the atmosphere of his room to be energetic, engaging, and creative.  Mr. Martire offers the students the opportunity to be creative and learn life lessons.  Outside of teaching his passions includes watch sports, play golf, and spend time with his dog.  Mr. Martire wants his students to know that he is a hard working teacher who also likes to have fun.


    Samantha Wise - swise@hbgsd.us


    Ms. Wise






    Ms. Wise graduated from Shippensburg University.  She describes her classroom as laid-back with a family feel. Lots of positivity.  Students are provided not only opportunities for academic growth, but social emotional growth as well.  She enjoys spending time with friends and family, going on drives and spending time outside.  Building respect, trust and a positive relationship with my students is her main goal.





    Melissa Scherer - mscherer@hbgsd.us



    Jennifer Medina - jemedina@hbgsd.us



    Kathryn Clark - keclark@hbgsd.us


    Ms. Clark






    Ms. Clark graduated Messiah College/Messiah University.  She describes her classroom atmosphere as a place of positivity, kindness, and mutual respect where students will learn values that will help them by successful both in and out of the classroom.  She gives all of her students the opportunity to learn in an environment that is engaging and positive.  They have the opportunity to ask questions without judgement, knowing that she will try her best to help them discover the answers.  Outside of teaching, she loves working at camp, playing trivia and board games, and spending time with her friends and her nieces and nephews.  Ms. Clark loves reading young adult novels and historical fiction, but don't do it enoungh anymore.  One of her favorite quotes is "Reading gives us some place to go when we have to stay where we are."-Mason Cooley





    Vonda Borger - vborger@hbgsd.us