• Teresa Eckard - teckard@hbgsd.us


    Ms. Eckard






    Ms. Eckard graduated Millersville University.  Our classroom is where the students and the teacher work together to create a community that is a safe and positive place for students to learn.  Her classroom is where students are given the opportunity to succeed and are willling to take chances.  She enjoys taking care of her flowers in the summer and she is always working on a jigsaw puzzle.  This is her 37th year of teaching and have taught 34 of them in Harrisburg School District.


     Christopher Kummerer - ckummerer@hbgsd.us


    Mr. Kummerer





    Mr. Kummerer graduated from Elizabethtown College.  His classroom is a learner-centered environment where students can bring culture, beliefs, attitudes, skills, and knowledge. It is one where students feel challenged and comfortable to try new things. It is a place where everyone feels welcome and everyone can learn!  He wants all his students to learn and grow! He provides a wide variety of opportunities where students can show their different strengths and talents while at the same time picking up new interests or trying things they might not have before!  He wants all his students to feel like they can be successful and are an important part of his class.  Some of his passions outside of teaching involve doing anything outside. He enjoys traveling to new places, playing sports, hiking, exercising, and spending time with friends and family. He enjoys cooking and trying new foods!  He is one of the assistant wrestling coaches for the Harrisburg High School Wrestling Team!


    Amanda Kruger - akruger@hbgsd.us


    Ms. Kruger






    Ms. Kruger graduated from Penn State University and Drexel University.  Her classroom is a positive space where students feel safe and cared for.  She offers her students the opportunity to be comfortable being themselves in a place where they are accepted. They can make mistakes without judgement because they are taught mistakes are a part of the learning process.  She is an avid reader and gamer.  She is a long-time resident of Harrisburg and is dedicated to ensuring that the children of Harrisburg receive a quality educational experience.


     Andrea Swisher - aswisher@hbgsd.us


    Ms. Swisher





    Matthew Lyons - mlyons@hbgsd.us


    Mr. Lyons






    Mr. Lyons graduated from Lycoming college and Cabrini College.  His class is always excited to learn! They also love to spend time getting to know one another and what makes them unique as individuals and learners.  Our students have opportunities to earn extra computer time, art time, and or private corner time as part of our classroom PBIS incentives.  Outside of teaching he loves spending time on the water (His parents have homes on the lake and in Florida!), playing with my kids, and coaching youth sports.  He loves all of his Philadelphia sports teams!


     Sarah Reapsome - sbsmith@hbgsd.us


    Ms. Reapsome






    Ms. Reapsome graduated from Shippensburg University.  The atmosphere in her classroom is kindness and positivity. If we can be kind and positive we can achieve anything!  She offers her students the opportunity to grow and learn in an environment where it is okay to make mistakes.  Outside of teaching she likes to spend her time outside and with her family.  She is recently married and building her first home.


    Brooke Whitelock - bwhitelock@hbgsd.us


    Ms. Whitelock





    Ms. Whitelock graduated from Penn State University.  When you step foot into this classroom you sense a feeling of calm where everyone is invited to work together respectfully towards their goals.  Students are given chances to help the classroom run smoothly through classroom mangers. These jobs allow students to learn responsibility and gain a work ethic at a young age.  Her passions outside of teaching is getting in the gym and working out or getting outside to enjoy the hikes around the Harrisburg area.  Something she would like others to know about her is that she loves baking, but cannot cook because it stresses her.