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    Health Services Department

    The Health Services Department of the Harrisburg School District provides the required health care for all students, grades K-12. We believe a healthy child is better able to receive an education and prepare for a successful future.
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School Health Office Contacts

School Health Office Contacts

    PA State Mandated Physicals:  Students are required to have these on file with their school in grades (K, 1), 6 and 11 and upon entry to the District. Please return a physical form to your school nurse prior to the start of these grades at: healthservices@hbgsd.us

    Annual Health Screening:

    • Hearing
    • Vision
    • BMI   
    • Scoliosis
    • Dental

    First Aid and Emergency Medical Care:

    •  Students
    •  Staff


    • Immunization review to meet PA State requirements 
    • In School Medication Administration
    • Parent/ Nurse Conferences
    • Individual Counseling and Health Teaching
    • Community Education


    PA State Mandated Dental Evaluations: Students are required to have these on file with their school in grades:  (K, 1), Grade 3 and Grade 7 and upon entry to the District.

    • Oral Health Education
    • Dental Referral

    Please return a Private Dentist Exam Form to your school nurse after each dental visit to healthservices@hbgsd.us. These forms are printable on this site from the menu on the left.

     The information contained on this website is provided for the parents, students and staff of the Harrisburg School District. This site cannot be used to make or confirm diagnoses or treatments nor should it be used as a substitute for obtaining medical advice or for seeking treatment from a qualified health care provider.