• Hello Parents! Welcome to The Sci Tech Nurses Office Website!

    Phone number:(717)703-1907
    Welcome to the Sci Tech Nurses office
    We are not just here to help the students and faculty, but the families as well. If there is any need we may help you with, please feel free to call us and leave a message if we are not in and we will see what we can do to help you.
     There are several links on the right side of the page to immunizations and information about different immunizations, as well as websites, and forms essential for school, such as those for Physicals, which are required for any student coming into the Eleventh Grade and may be done up to a year prior to entering that grade, Dental Forms for private dental examinations, which should be all caught up by Seventh Grade, as well as the Medication Administration Permission Slip, which needs to be filled out by the students physician and signed by the parent.
    Please make sure that if your student is going to carry ANY medications in school, we need this form filled out in order to help your student in case of emergency. No student should be carrying medications which the nurses are not aware of the student carrying. 
     We have also sent home Health Emergency Forms, during the first full week of school. We ask that you PLEASE fill out these forms as accurately as possible, so that we can reach you in the event of an emergency or illness for your student. Please help us to help you with the proper health of your student. Ask your student if you have not received this card, so we can get the information as soon as possible. 
    We do Health Screenings for Height, Weight and Vision in grades Nine through Twelve, as well as Hearing for Eleventh Grade, per requirements.
    The hours we are in the office is from 0700 (7 AM) to 1500 (3 PM), on the full days for Sci-Tech School and until 1200 on half days. Again feel free to call our office if you have any concerns or needs. Thank you for all your help with this and may this year be a successful one for the students and a healthy one for all of you.