• ROAR College and Career Academy

    One of the most important processes you will be involved in and one of the most important decisions you will make at the John Harris Campus of Harrisburg High School is the selection of courses that will lead you into a successful college and career path.  These decisions will have a profound impact on your future interests, career goals, and aspirations.  To aid students with their post-secondary preparation the Harrisburg School District formed the ROAR Academy.

    The ROAR Academy at Harrisburg High School is designed to assist students with exploring their interests in a particular career field.  Each of the "ROAR Academies" at Harrisburg High School offers elective courses which lead to a career program of study, such as health careers, the performing arts or engineering; plus, many more.  Students will have the option to take multiple career-related electives that will provide them with the knowledge, skills, and experiences to connect to a career field.  Further, students will develop the personal decision-making skills that will help them prepare for college or the work place upon graduation.

    College and Career Staff:

    Mrs. Clenistine Dunson (ROAR Community Engagement Coordinator) 717-703-4057 
    email: cdunson@hbgsd.us

    Mr.  Jamal Wells  (Counselor- Grades K-12) 717-703-0438  email: jwells@hbgsd.us