CASST is an acronym for Collaborative Action for Student Success Team. It is a uniform system for all grades in all schools in Harrisburg School District. The purpose of CASST is to assist students in getting the support that is necessary for students to achieve in areas of academics, emotional competence, mental health and to improve issues that lead to drug &/or alcohol use. The focus of each CASST meeting is on one particular student.

    Why do we have CASST?

    The purpose of CASST is for a group of adults with varying expertise to come together to assist in developing and using intervention strategies for individual students who are not experiencing success in their academic, behavioral and/or social development and achievement. CASST is a team effort to get each student the support he/she needs to be successful – emotionally, socially, behaviorally, and academically. Together, members of CASST combine their talents, knowledge and resources to help resolve challenges on behalf of the referred student. The successful outcomes of CASST are healthier students who achieve greater academic achievement.


    Who can refer a student to CASST?

    Typically, a student is referred by the classroom teacher. A student may also be referred by another caring adult including a parent who believes there is a need for additional intervention to support the student’s learning and achievement. Parents should contact the classroom teacher or the Guidance Counselor to begin the referral process.


    Who is on the CASST?

    • Principal
    • Instructional Facilitator and Guidance Counselor
    • Classroom teacher
    • Parent
    • School psychologist
    • School nurse (optional)
    • Special Education Facilitator (optional)
    • Mental Health Specialist (optional)
    • Other adults with particular knowledge of the student

    Other adults with particular knowledge of interventions to support student achievement