• Nurse

    Welcome to Ben Franklin health office. My name is Annette Kriner and I am the Certified School Nurse. My office hours are from 8:10 am-3:40 pm. My phone number is (717)703-1203 and, Fax is (717)703-1215. My email address is akriner@hbgsd.us

    School physical exams are required in Kindergarten or 1st grade and then again in 6th grade. The physical exam can be from an appointment from up to one full calendar prior to the start of school. If you do not have a doctor physical exams can be obtained from The School-based Health Center at Downey School. It is located in the back of the building off of Calder Street.  Appointments are available for physicals and dental exams. Most insurance are accepted or a sliding fee is used.

    You can call and make an appointment at (717) 703-1268