• School-based procedures for parents/guardians who wish to meet with a teacher. 


    1. All appointments should be set at least 24-hours in advance by telephone or email.
    2. Upon arrival for an appointment, parent/guardians are required to sign in at the office. The teacher will be notified of your arrival by the office.
    3. Teachers will greet you in the office and escort you to the designated meeting place.
    4. After the meeting has concluded, the teacher will escort you back to the office so that you might sign-out and exit the building safely.

     Please Note:

    1. Once a meeting is requested the teacher will make every effort to schedule a conference within a reasonable period of time.  All meetings will take place within three days of the initial request, unless other arrangements have been made.
    2. Teachers and/or parents may request a building Principal be present for the meeting. In this case, the meeting will be scheduled to meet the availability of the administrator.
    3. To assure a timely meeting date the staff and administration of Ben Franklin ask that the procedures listed here please be followed.
    4. As much as we wish for our school to be accessible we ask that parents and guardians please respect our wish to not be approached without setting a meeting time.  This is especially critical between 8:15 and 8:30am each morning.  This is a time for staff to welcome students and assure attendance is accurate and the day starts safely.
    5. Parents/guardians within he building are required to have a visitor’s pass at all times.  This assures students and staff safety.  Those without a pass will be asked to report to the office to secure proper identification or be asked to leave the grounds.

    Please know that these procedures are not meant to deter you from being involved with your child’s education.  In fact we desire to have more parental involvement.  We simple ask for these procedures to be followed to assure proper meeting focus and building safety.