Counseling Groups/Lessons

  • Groups and lessons are based on student need. Groups  and lessons support the academic successpersonal/social well-being, and career development of students! Parents, teachers, principals, and other school staff can refer students for a school counseling group.
    Please contact Mrs. Kaloz to refer a student in grades K-4 for a group or to schedule a class lesson.  
    Some groups Mrs. Kaloz plans to facilitate include:
    Boy Groups - The purpose of boy groups are to empower young men through activities and learning. Participants can gain self-awareness, develop positive coping strategies, improve problem solving skills,  and feel connected with other boys.
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    Friendship Skills Groups -  This group focuses on learning how to be a good friend and how to work out  problems such as taking turns, understanding social cues, and making friends.

    Girls Groups - The purpose of Girl group is to empower young women through activities and sharing. Participants will gain self-awareness, develop positive coping strategies, improve problem solving skills, and feel connected with other girls.

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    Grief and Loss Groups - Grief and loss groups are for students who have experienced the death of a loved one.  Counseling groups may help students to realize they are not alone and find support.

    School Success Groups -  This group will focus on study skills and strategies to help students become more successful at school.  Students will learn how school success relates to future career opportunities!
    girl raising hand

    Anger Managemnt Group 
    - This group makes student aware of changes in body, thoughts and actions when upset. It can help student undertand their trigers and specific anger related coping skills.
    C.O.I.P- (Children of Incarcerated Parents group) Participants will participate in group activites focused on building self esteem, grief and loss, identifying feelings/concerns and future goal setting. Student may also write letters or contact their mother or father who is incacerated with signed permision from the student's cargiver. 

    Other groups offered:
    Lunch bunch groups, social skills groups, bullying themed groups, Self- Esteem/assertiveness, school anxiety/relaxation, blended family/divorce, domestic violence, Team-Work/ Copperation group.
    Class Lessons Offered:
    Bullying, communication skills, SAP introductions/ procedures, conflict resolution, gossip/rumors, put down verses put ups, Character education themed lessons, sexual harassment/Safe touch, Anger management, Career lessons.
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