What is an Elementary School Counselor?

  • School Counselors Support Students by Providing:

    Short-Term Individual Counseling
    Short-Term Small Group Counseling
    Referrals to Outside Agencies
    Classroom Guidance Lessons
    Crisis Intervention
    School Wide Social /Emotional Programs
    Parent /Teacher Consultation
    Middle School Application / Scheduling
    Attendance Meetings


    How does a student get to see the counselor?

    • Student may ask to go to the counselor’s office to make an appointment or put a note under her door
    • Teacher or principal can send him or her with a pass
    • Mom, Dad, Grandparents or another care providers can request services
    • A school friend may invite/ refer him or her for a special visit

      What might a student do in the counselor’s office?
    • Talk about concerns that are important to him/ her
    • Use puppets/ toys to help express feelings and problems
    • Talk about feelings
    • Work on a plan to reach a academic or behavioral goal
    • Read stories that help students learn and understand more about themselves/ situations
    • Go to a safe place to calm down when feeling upset
    • Play games to learn ways to relate to others 
    • Participate in group activities 
    • Role Play conflict resolution scenarios