• Scott School is ROARING about positive student behavior.  The staff and students are creating a more positive culture and climate to help maximize student learning.  The school has adopted the use of the 3R’s for all students and staff which include:

     ·       READY

     ·       RESPECTFUL

     ·       RESPONSIBLE


     The Scott School team recognizes the 3R behaviors from students by distributing:

     ·       ROAR tickets

     ·       Principal 200 Club referrals  


    The ROAR tickets are frequently given out to students demonstrating the 3R’s, which provides acknowledgement to the student about their behavior and gives that student an opportunity to earn additional rewards. When the student “goes above and beyond”  the 3R’s, they can earn a Principal 200 Club referral in which they get to sign the celebrity “VIP” book, have their name on the Principal 200 Club board, among other rewards and acknowledgements.  As many of us know, a student’s behavioral/social success within school can have a strong correlation with their academic success and love of learning.  We encourage you to ask your child about the ROAR tickets and Principal 200 Club referrals.  We also believe it is very important to help your child get excited and be proud of their social/behavioral accomplishments, as well as all of their academic accomplishments.