Have you updated your information?

  • We are asking you to take a moment to imagine the following scenario:

    There is an emergency in the school building and the building must be evacuated. As she leaves the room with the students, the teacher grabs her emergency file containing the phone numbers for each of her students. Once outside the building, the teacher begins to call parents to ask them to come retrieve their children. As she begins to call the numbers on the emergency forms, she discovers that many of the numbers are now incorrect or disconnected. As a result, she is unable to reach several parents to inform them of the emergency. With no other choice, she must contact security and the police to locate a parent for a now very frightened child.

    The scene is not one we want to imagine but it is a reality when emergency numbers are not kept up to date.

    PLEASE contact the school to update your child’s emergency file with any new phone numbers, addresses, or new people who may pick up your child in the event of an emergency.