Programs & Services for Parents of English Language Learners


    As a requirement under Title III, the Harrisburg School District provides supplemental programs and services directed toward parents of Multilingual Learners.  These supplemental programs and services enable parents and guardians to further support the education of their children.  Through targeted language-based programs, parents develop literacy skills to enhance communication between home and school.

    • Math & Reading Strategies
    • Writing Workshops
    • Parent Support for school and district meetings
    • Linking Parents & Community Services
    • Life Skills
    • Attendance
    • American School’s Policies and Procedures
    • Others as needed



    Many of our families require support in their native language.  Through Languagers Interpret Managers, we offer over-the-phone and video interpretation in more than 170 languages.

    If you are in need of interpretation services for parent meetings, please contact your school secretary.

    ESL Parent Liaison Goals
    1. Build relationships with local community partners and work collaboratively to provide resources to our multi-lingual families.
    2. Provide leadership and training.
    3. Offer free classes and workshops that will expand the acculturation skills of our multilingual families.
    4. Offer classes or informational meetings that will help multilingual parents and guardians better understand the curriculum and support their children.
    5. Offer informational meetings to help parents understand processes, procedures, protocols, and programs across the district.
    6. Offer multilingual families an interpreter at parent meetings, IEPs, and other events.