• Social Workers


    The Social Workers help students and families make the best use of available opportunities and resources to develop their full potential by providing:

    • Family/student needs assessments
    • Encourage school attendance and parental involvement
    • Home visits
    • Safe, caring and drug-free schools/
      drug-free home promotion
    • Culturally competent services
    • Services for homeless students/families
    •  Individual and group counseling
    • Crisis intervention services
    • Participation in the development of behavioral
      modification plans
    • Provide short/long-term case management services to
      individual students/short-term management for families
    • Referrals to community agencies/coordination of services
      with community agencies
    • Report suspected child abuse/neglect
    • Provide support/training to teachers
    • Assist families with interpretation of
      school policies/procedures
    • Liaison between school/family/community