• Teen Parenting & Prevention

    The Teen Parenting and Prevention Program provides resources for pregnant and parenting students so they can continue their education, graduate and become successful parents.

    Services available:
    • Case management
    • Access to daycare and transportation
    • Access to pregnancy and sexually transmitted disease testing
    • Food and nutrition education
    • Child development/parenting program
    • Pre-natal and post-natal program
    • Life skills program
    • Career Exploration
    • Retrieval program
    • Summer services
    • Home visits 
    • Community-based referrals
    • Prevention component to combat pregnancy and disease and a second pregnancy among program participants. 


    Valerie Gates
    Social Worker – Teen Parenting


    Funding is provided by the Harrisburg School District, the PA Dept. of Education, the PA Dept. of Human Services.    
    For more information call 717-703-4323 or 717-703-4339