• Contacts:

    Krystal Palmer, Director of Special Education

    kpalmer@hbgsd.us  (717) 703-1421

    Sheri Moyer, Coordinator of Special Education Student Services

    smoyer@hbgsd.us (717) 703-1421

    Shell Johnson, Special Education Supervisor (John Harris, SciTech, Cougar Academy)

    sjohnson@hbgsd.us  (717) 703-4075

    Sara Kershner, Special Education Supervisor (Scott, Melrose, Downey, HVLA)

    skershner@hbgsd.us  (717) 703-1405

    Shawn Tuttle, Special Education Supervisor (Ben Franklin and Foose)

    stuttle@hbgsd.us  (717) 703-1920

    Brandy Wiest, Special Education Supervisor (District Wide Emotional Support and Out of District placements) 

    bwiest@hbgsd.us  (717) 703-1483

    Dr. Jan Zeager, Special Education Supervisor (Camp Curtin, Rowland and Marshall)

    jzeager@hbgsd.us (717) 703-1483

    Sharon Carr, Administrative Assistant

    scarr@hbgsd.us  (717) 703-4080

    For all Special Education records requests contact:

    Mariah Doleman, Penn Data/PIMS Accountant

    mdoleman@hbgsd.us  (717) 703-4427, Fax: (717) 703-4028