• The core of the student assistance program is a team of school employees who have received specialized training from a Commonwealth of Pennsylvania approved SAP training provider. This team may include teachers, nurses, counselors, and administrators, and at SciTech is called the “SAP team” or the "SCT team." 

    The Student Assistance Program has been in place in Pennsylvania schools since 1982.  Through the Pennsylvania Department of Education.  The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania's Student Assistance Program (SAP) is designed to assist school personnel in identifying issues which pose a barrier to a student's learning and success in school.  It is a systematic process using effective, accountable professional techniques to mobilize school resources to remove those barriers to learning and, where the problems are beyond the scope of the school, to assist the student and their parents with information so they may access services in the community.

    Participation in the SAP process is voluntary and is offered as a source of help and support for the student and family.  Our focus is to see the student succeed.  Therefore the process is confidential. 


     Name of Service:                                   Telephone Number:

    The Caring Place                                              (866) 613-4673

    Ala-Teen                                                              (888) 425-2666

    Alanon                                                                  (800) 344-2666

    Dauphin County Case Management       (717) 232-8761

    Child Abuse                                                        (800) 932-0313

    Crisis Intervention                                          (717) 232-7511

    Mazzitti & Sullivan                                          (800) 809-2925

    Rape Crisis                                                          (717) 238-7273

    TEENLINE                  (717) 763-2345 or  (800) 722-5385