Welcome to the Harrisburg School District Music Department pages.  Please choose from the menu of pages to find information and resources.  (on the left viewing from computer, click the + on mobile site)

During the period of school closure due to the COVID-19 pandemic the music faculty will be updating resources as part of the district's academic enrichment opportunities for our students.  Please continue to support music education in our student community.  Music is a great way to express feelings, cope, and expand the brainpower and focus skills.


During the state-mandated COVID-19 school closure, the Harrisburg School District recommends the following ways to enhance your child’s academic growth while at home.

  • Devote a specific time each day for your child to work on academics while at home.
  • Add academic tasks to your child’s daily routine will help him/her regain literacy and mathematical skills very quickly upon return to school.

Harrisburg School District’s academic team will continue to provide additional tips and ideas for learning at home each Tuesday and Thursday for the duration of the school closing. Thank you for working with us to make the most of the time that you have your children at home.

A Mind for Music 
(music's effect on the brain)

[Teacher Tips] Stephon, Science, And Music  (free resources for making music and understanding the science of music, for use by teachers and students)

Daily Live Streams for Musicians

Survey of the Performing Arts Class

This is a great interactive resource for all ages to learn the instruments of the orchestra:

Beep Box
app recommended for grades 6-12