The ROAR College and Career Academy


    ROAR Academy Mission

To provide educational and career development opportunities
that prepare Harrisburg School District students
with the knowledge and skills needed to be college and career ready.
ROAR Academy Vision

The ROAR College and Career Academy will do this by:

  • Embedding career development education that inspires student to understand themselves and explore all possibilities for post secondary study and career success throughout grades K through 12;

  • Adopting small learning community-style career academies at the high school level that integrate rigorous academics, relevant career-related courses and broadly implemented-employer and community engagement; and

  • Providing students with the tools and resources to develop a personalized academic career plan which guides them towards educational and career goals.

ROAR Academy Goals

Part of the academic recovery plan for the Harrisburg School District, the district’s goal with ROAR is to increase student achievement, reduce dropout rate and increase post-secondary attainment by linking traditional education with career-oriented courses and experiences.

Why ROAR College and Career Academy?
  • Research shows that students who identify personal interests, understand their aptitudes for certain occupational characteristics, explore career options and make linkages between education and future goals are more likely to persist in their education, graduate from high school and prepare a viable plan for their future.

  • The upcoming “Silver Tsunami” that will happen between 2010 and 2030, 34 percent of Pennsylvania’s working population will retire, leaving a dearth of qualified talent and a gap in applied knowledge.

  • In Pennsylvania, 94.7 percent of employers rank job preparedness well above high school grades or test scores. And while 68 percent of all careers require some kind of post-secondary training or certification, there is a consistent oversupply of young people with bachelor’s degrees and an undersupply of those with practical, career-specific preparation.

With some of the components of this program are available this academic year, the formal ROAR College and Career Academy will debut in the 2017-18 School Year.

For more information, please contact Clenistine Dunson, Career Pathway Coordinator,