ROAR Academy History

The Harrisburg School District has embarked on the first phase of the ROAR College and Career Academy Program which will integrate career development education in grades K through 12.

ROAR stands for Revitalizing Our Academic Responsibilities and the program is part of the District’s academic recovery plan to increase student achievement and graduation rates by linking education to career-oriented courses and experiences that bring real-world relevance to the classroom. The initiative will integrate career exploration content with academics so that students begin to understand the link between education and the benefits of career exploration as well as planning for post-secondary education, training and the world of work.

The first phase of this initiative is already underway in the Harrisburg School District.
  • Eighth and ninth grade students are taking the first of two career exploration courses which prepare them to understand themselves and their interests, explore the various career clusters, and identify options for following a pathway to a career.
  • School counselors have been trained in a web-based career exploration and planning tool for students.
  • And the first career pathway program, Graphic Arts Design and Production, has been launched at John Harris High School

The coming year will be a year of planning and gradual implementation of many program activities and features for the ROAR College and Career Academy Program.
  • A steering committee will begin setting the format for career academies which will be housed at the district high school buildings.
  • Career counselors will work with teachers to integrate career awareness and exploration activities with classroom lessons.
  • Additional career pathway programs will be planned and resources collected for their eventual launch.
  • Finally, partnerships will be initiated with area businesses, higher education institutions and community organizations to offer students work-based learning opportunities such as field experiences, real-world projects and internships.

The Superintendent welcomes local businesses and community agencies to partner with the District in supporting the ROAR College and Career Academy Program.

For more information Contact: Clenistine Dunson, Career Pathways Coordinator,